“Seven years ago, when I lost my job, I decided to do something I really loved. But what do I really love? Jeannette inspired me to read a book. After reading this, we kept in contact. One thing was for sure, Jeannette would be my coach. She did tell me I had to work hard to achieve my goals and do it for myself, but Jeannette knows exactly what to say, what to ask, how to inspire you and she knows what kind of methods to use to heal old wounds! As a bonus, we also discussed food and nutrition. There’s not much to say except that you have to experience the overwhelming love and energy she gives you!”
with love, Cindy Mulder

There are not enough words to describe Jeannette. Without this passionate young lady the biggest DJ book: Dutch DJs would have never seen the light of day. From our very first encounter, Jeannette saw my ambition and believed in my potential to create the book. She helped me create concrete plans to make sure the Dutch DJs book would be published. She coached me and helped manage the project. Jeannette helped me to expand my horizons. She is strategic as well as creative and even I, being a photographer and a filmmaker, can still learn things from her. No mountain is too high for Jeannette and she will take on any challenge because she believes in what she does. It doesn’t matter if it’s making connections, writing and executing marketing plans or creating and carrying out campaigns. She will take care of it! She follows her heart and is always herself. This lady helped me realise my dream and with that the Dutch DJs book! Thank you, you’re the best!
Anthony Donner

Sweet Jean,

I visited the neurologist this week, which was kinds of nerve-racking since I had an abnormality in my thyroid and the doctors had yet to find out what it was. I worked very hard the past few months and my blood levels are back to normal! I believe in the healing power of the body and mind! I managed to be sweet, eat well, work out and to keep in contact with myself and my soul! You played a big part in this, dear Jean. I wouldn’t be where I am now without your help, our conversations and the light you let shine on me! I write this without even thinking about it, it just flows, it shines! I love you!

It was very bizarre what happened in the session, very enlightening! Thank you, dear Jeannette!

involvement, warmth, clarity, purity and down to the core are all the words I think about when I think back to the sessions I followed with Jeannette. She was really in line with how I like to be coached. In all the sessions she helped me get rid of old baggage that I didn’t want anymore. I am thankful for Jeannette. She was there for me every session we did.
Yvonne Margaretha

I met Jeannette as coach surrounded by other coaches for a week, where we could learn new techniques to use in our field of work so we could guide transformation processes.

I experienced Jeannette as a loving coach, who loves to help people to heal and transform themselves.

She is very quick to find the core of your problems, because of the way she works.

You learn to feel where the blockades are that make your emotions pile up, to let the right energy flow in your body and how to get rid of these deeply rooted issues which can cause problems in your daily life.

With her compassion and experience with working with people, she teaches you to look at life in a better way. Those transformations will take place on a physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic level.

I recommend working with Jeannette as a coach if you ever feel like you’re stuck in life.
Marit-Bijl van Toledo

It started out special and by coincidence, like telepathy… I loved the sessions full of trust where I felt like I was helped by my “big sister”. I noticed moments where I started to feel different already. It was very special and gave me hope! Thank you, really needed this!
Ineke Oudwater

We had a nice conversation in which I started to realise some things. You are very gentle in guiding this process and helped me in a very subtle way so I would realise that everything that was going on with me was valid and that I should let go of some things. I thought it was a very intense process where you used a seemingly simple treatment, which made a lot of things happen inside my body but I still felt safe. After the session I felt different, lighter and aware of things I didn’t know before.
Sandra Rood