“Be the change you wish to see in this world!”

My name is Jeannette and I live together with Eddie, his daughter Fay and our dog, Bikkel. For years I travelled the world as a flight attendant and now I work as a transformation- and youth coach. Gestalt, inner child, system- and regression therapy, EFT and NLP are some of the techniques I work with.

I grew up in Friesland, the Netherlands, in a family full of entrepreneurs. I was a happy child and spent most of my time playing outside. I also read everything there was to read, from the reading list to the whole children’s library. I addition to this I love travelling, discovering and subjecting everything that has to do with psychology, health, personal development and creativity, like writing and being surrounded by nature.

I think it’s fantastic to be able to inspire people, to show them their own potential and give them power. To let people be the leader of their own lives while leaving behind any blockades and mental, physical and psychological restrictions.

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